Restaurant, Tremont, Cleveland - The South Side
2207 W 11th St Cleveland Ohio
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The South Side Lunch & Dinner Menu

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(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS pico de gallo, guacamole, cowboy sauce, monterey jack, cilantro aioli 11 (GF)

CHILI CON QUESO with house made corn chips and pork rinds 5

POLISH POLISH a selection of locally made smoked and cured meats, Lake Erie Creamery korozott, sweet hot pickles and deviled eggs 14

FAT KID NACHOS crispy pork belly, spicy pork shoulder, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, pickled peppers, and pico de gallo 9

CHICKPEA HUSHPUPPIES with a mango chutney 7 (GF),(V)

HUMMUS extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, scallions, and toasted pita 8 (V)

STUFFED BANANA PEPPERS chorizo and parmesan stuffed, house red sauce, citrus aioli 10

CRISPY CALAMARI spicy pan-fried julienne vegetables, cilantro aioli 11

BEEF BRISKET EMPANADAS cabbage slaw, avocado and salsa verde cruda 11

SAUCY CHICKEN WINGS (10) buffalo wings, choice of sauce: hot, mild, honey mustard, house bbq, chipotle lime, spicy garlic, Carolina bbq, garlic and parmesan, Asian sweet and spicy 11 (GF)

MULTIPLE CHOICE MAC & CHEESE 9 ~ Add choice of ingredients (price per item): nueske bacon +2, pulled chicken +2, chorizo +2, andouille +2, brisket +2, pulled pork +2, lobster +4, bison chili +2, truffle +4, piquillo pepper +2, buffalo +1, wild mushrooms +2

ORIGINAL PEI chorizo, fennel, baby spinach and roasted tomato in a saffron broth 12 (GF)

MUSSELS & SHRIMP belgian ale curry sauce with cilantro and toasted peanut 12 (GF)

MUSSELS & CALAMARI fennel, swiss chard in a spicy pomodoro sauce 12 (GF)

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

TOFU “CHORIZO” spicy napa slaw, cowboy caviar, corn tortilla (GF),(V)
PORK CARNITAS wild arugula, pineapple jicama slaw and salsa roja
BEEF BRISKET BARBACOA roasted onions, piquillo peppers, smoked cheddar, and salsa verde
CHICKEN TINGA guacamole, cotija, pico, chipotle crema and radish

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

SPINACH & ARTICHOKE FLATBREAD toasted pine nuts, roasted tomato, kalamata olives, and local goat cheese 11

WILD MUSHROOM FLATBREAD wild mushrooms, leeks, pickled red onion, truffle cream, fresh rosemary and fontina 11

PEPPERONI & BANANA PEPPER FLATBREAD sharp provolone, olive oil Roma tomatoes, oregano 11

VEGAN piquillo peppers, swiss chard, portabella mushroom, capers and truffle cashew cheese 11 (V)

Typographical errors subject to correction, prices subject to change, items subject to availablility.

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

SOUP DU JOUR Cup 4 Bowl 6


BISON AND BLACK BEAN CHILI Shredded cheese and roasted onions Cup 5 Bowl 7 (GF)

LOCAL GREENS Local mixed greens, tomatoes, onion, cheese, cucumbers, croutons, choice of dressing 4/8

GRILLED ROMAINE Roasted tomato, roasted onion, parmesan, spicy Caesar 9.75 (GF)

CAESAR Romaine, garlic croutons, anchovy style Caesar dressing 8.50

BEET SALAD wild arugula, apple, fennel, local goat cheese, candied walnut and honey vinaigrette 10.50 (GF)

THE WEDGE bacon, roasted tomato, yellow house bleu cheese, egg, and buttermilk dressing 9 (GF)

SPINACH COBB spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, roasted onions, tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, egg, shredded cheese 12 (GF)

TUSCAN KALE SALAD with oil cured tomatoes, sourdough croutons,pickled red onions, asiago cheese and green goddess dressing 8.5

Accent with chicken +4, steak or salmon +8

Caesar, Spicy Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Cucumber Wasabi, Buttermilk Ranch, French Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Honey Vinaigrette

Typographical errors subject to correction, prices subject to change, items subject to availablility.

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

All Sandwiches Served with Chips and a Pickle except where noted.
Fries +1.5 • Chili & Cheese Fries +3.5 • Bacon Gravy & Cheddar Fries +3.50 • Fried Egg +1 • Onion Rings +2.5 • Soup or Salad +2

TREMONT BURGER smoked bacon, cheddar, battered onion, tomato jam, challah bun 11.5

THE ‘ORIGINAL BLACKENED GROUPER’ leaf lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack, citrus aioli, ciabatta roll 12

THE ‘ORIGINAL TURKEY CUBAN’ bacon, Swiss cheese, pressed and grilled baguette with sun-dried tomato aioli 9.75

CHORIZO BURGER red cabbage slaw, fried egg, cilantro jalapeño relish 10.50

THE ‘EVER CHANGING’ GRILLED CHEESE featured grilled cheese - ask your server, tomato bisque 9.5

PULLED PORK Carolina bbq, brussels slaw, jack cheese 12

STEAK SANDWICH shaved ribeye, gorgonzola, caramelized onion, roasted roma tomato, baby arugula 12

BLACK BEAN BURGER guacamole, piquillo peppers and arugula 10 (V)

THE BIG DYNGUS kielbasa, bbq sauce, chili, smoked cheddar, fries and slaw on a soft roll 12

EPIC FRIED CHICKEN with white american, chow chow relish and chili aioli 11.5

THE EL CHAPO pork cutlet, avocado, cotija cheese, roasted onions, salsa roja and lto on a sesame roll 11

FALAFEL WRAP pita stuffed with falafel, hummus, pickled turnips, local greens, tomato, onions and tahina sauce 11 (V)

Typographical errors subject to correction, prices subject to change, items subject to availablility.

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

ROASTED LOCAL CHICKEN butternut squash, bacon, brussels, apple, toasted walnut 16.25 (GF)

PEPPERCORN CRUSTED PRIME BISTRO STEAK rosti potato, creamed spinach, and rosemary jus 17

SHRIMP & GRITS gulf shrimp, andouille sausage, Stutzmans grits, and white hominy relish 19 (GF)

SPICY CAULIFLOWER “STEAK” creamed chard, wild mushrooms, toasted pine nut and lemon gremolata 12 (GF),(V)

CHICKEN AND WAFFLES tempura battered airline chicken breast, Belgian waffle, cinnamon butter, Ohio maple syrup, powdered sugar and hot sauce 12

VERLASSO SALMON roasted spaghetti squash, sage, toasted cashew, grilled pears and pomegranate glaze 19 (GF)

BIGOS polish hunter stew with brisket, sausage, house cured bacon, porcini, dry plum, potatoes and sauerkraut 16 (GF)

Typographical errors subject to correction, prices subject to change, items subject to availablility.

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan

creamy brussel sprouts with bacon and herbs

wild mushroom fricasee (GF),(V)

fingerling potatoes with bacon and leeks

creamed spinach

cheddar grits (GF)

chili and cheese fries

bacon, gravy and cheddar fries

Typographical errors subject to correction, prices subject to change, items subject to availablility.

Eating raw or undercooked animal products may increase the risk of food borne pathogens.

All beef is Certified Angus Beef and Ohio Proud.

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